Helping Institutions

manage their investments

Managing the many priorities and issues of any organization is a tremendous responsibility. Managing the issues associated with fiduciary liabilities, policies & procedures, not to mention an investment portfolio is a full time job.

That’s why nonprofits, foundations, endowments and family offices rely on The Walsh Group. We offer experienced guidance on the many decisions and responsibilities that accompany managing and monitoring an institutional investment portfolio.

We provide customized investment strategies and objective advice on all aspects of investment consulting – from strategy development and investment research to reporting and oversight. Our team also works closely with the professionals at Raymond James Institutional Consulting Services who employ a unique service plan that adheres to well-established fiduciary standards and a philosophy of conservative management.

With the research, resources and support available to us, we believe we are well suited to serve your organization and all of its investment management needs.

We are committed to fiduciary standards such as:

  • Knowledge of standards, law and trust provisions
  • Diversify assets to the specific risk and return of the client
  • Prepare an investment policy statement
  • Use prudent experts, including professional money managers, and document due diligence
  • Control and account for investment expenses
  • Monitor the activities of prudent experts
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and prohibited transactions
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