Our Process

for personalizing your plan

Our holistic approach includes a wealth management consultative process to help ensure that we address all aspects and issues encompassing your financial life. This structured process enables us to learn about you personally, professionally and financially. We assess your current financial picture, formulate recommendations and explain our strategic approach for moving forward.

To fully address your needs, we often collaborate with professional advisors in other disciplines, including CPAs, attorneys, insurance specialists and others working on your behalf. We oversee and coordinate this collaboration so all elements can come together seamlessly within the cohesive wealth management plan we develop for you.

Your plan will serve as both a road map and a checklist throughout our relationship. The plan is a "living" document that changes over time as your personal life and financial needs evolve.

  • Discovery Meeting

    We begin by learning about you – your values and interests, your current needs and concerns, and your personal and professional goals for the future. See the topics we cover by viewing our mind mapmind map.

  • Financial Plan Meeting

    We take what we have learned about you; where you are, and where you want to be. We assess your current financial picture and any gaps that may exist. Then we make recommendations that will help you to meet your goals.

  • Mutual Commitment Meeting

    If we have both determined there is a good fit and a comfort level for working together – and we are confident we can bring significant value to the relationship – the next step is to formalize our working relationship.

  • 45-Day Follow-up Meeting

    We make sure all your account paperwork is accounted for and in order. We verify all vital information and ensure that all time-sensitive documents are up to date. We walk you through our website, make sure you have online access, and answer any administrative questions you may have.

  • Regular Meeting Process

    We'll meet with you regularly, typically twice per year, to monitor the progress of your wealth management plan and discuss any changes in your personal life that may require revisions. We provide a comprehensive review of how your investments are performing relative to your goals and discuss our thoughts on your asset allocation.

Due to the high level of attention we provide our clients, we limit our services to those with a minimum of $1M of investible assets.

Discovery Meeting Mind Map

Think of the mind map as a concise and organized “big picture view” of your personal and financial life. To create yours, we will ask a series of insightful questions. Here are the seven areas our questions will cover.


We all have our own set of values, a code by which we live. Here, we endeavor to learn about you as a person, what ideals you hold dear, what makes you tick and what’s important in your life.