Asset Management Services

Your Passport Account gives you access to a broad range of investments.

  • Exchange-listed stocks
  • Over-the-counter stocks
  • Foreign securities
  • Shares in publicly traded closed-end mutual funds
  • Corporate bonds
  • U.S. government bonds
  • Eligible municipal bonds
  • Eligible load mutual fund “A” shares at net asset value
  • Eligible no-load mutual funds
  • Eligible unit investment trusts
  • Eligible Certificates of Deposit
  • Covered call and put options
  • Shares in publicly traded real estate investment trusts

The Passport Account is Different

When you have a Passport Account, your financial advisor is your partner in managing portfolio assets. In this fee-based account, your financial advisor is compensated based on the value of your account and not based on the level of trading, mitigating a potentially significant conflict of interest.

This account can hold your tax-deferred retirement funds as well as your other investments. You’ll have the security of knowing that your investments are held in custody at Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC.

Quarterly reports summarizing portfolio performance, contributions and withdrawals from the day you open your account are available. These reports show your current asset allocation and time-weighted portfolio performance data.

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or a loss.

Securities Investors Protection Corporation/SIPC