When you are ready to schedule a meeting, either call my office at telephone number 352-854-6866 or toll free 800-416-6866 or visit our contact us page. Please note that there is no charge for your initial consultation.

To help me better understand your situation and how I may help you, please bring the following:

  1. Copies of your most recent brokerage and/or 401(k), 403(b), and IRA, etc. account statements
  2. Completed copy of “Solving the Retirement Puzzle” worksheet.
  3. Copy of last two year's tax returns
  4. Any important insurance documents
  5. Copies of Estate Planning documents (wills, trusts, etc.)

The purpose of this initial consultation is to determine if there is a mutual fit. You need to make sure that the services I provide fit your objectives, and I need to make sure these same services will benefit you.

Not every person is a great fit, as I cannot be all things to everyone.

I strive to have a manageable number of clients to whom I can provide amazing service. An ideal client for my practice is someone who understands what I do, needs my expertise and the investment resources I can provide. They also understand that I don’t work for free. Quality clients are open to new concepts and are willing to learn; courteous and friendly. I look forward to meeting with you and I appreciate the opportunity to help you reach your financial goals.

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