Are you watching your 401(k) investments? Do you have the time, resources and knowledge to manage your 401(k) assets? How do you pick from the variety of choices that your employer offers? Do your choices support your current risk tolerance?

In today’s highly complex and dynamic world, you are faced with an incredible array of investment choices within your employer’s group retirement plan. If you are like many other people, you have a significant percentage of your total net worth invested in your employer’s 401(k), yet have no game plan or system with regard to managing these assets.


  • How to Get Started

    • Complete our Risk Tolerance Quiz.
    • We will e-mail you a fund allocation individually tailored to you.
    • Supply us with your 401(k) investment choices.
    • We will monitor your account using our tools and resources.
    • We will notify you with new allocations as market conditions change.
    • Our recommendations are based on technical indicators like relative strength, sector analysis, and supply and demand, not the normal fundamental information typically used.
    • You will receive regular updates on the technical indicators and market conditions.
    • Quarterly fee based on the quarterly account value from your employer statement – which you must provide each quarter.
    • Fee is billed and due after services rendered.
    • We have a variety of clients from a variety of 401(k) plans, both big and small.
    • Our advisory program is individually tailored to meet the criteria and interests of all types of 401(k) participants.
    • The Internet allows us to service clients in 22 states.

"Risk is not knowing what you are doing." – Warren Buffett

Are you taking unnecessary risk with your financial future?