Help for the Trustees of Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan

We realize that a benefit is not truly a benefit unless perceived as such by your employees. Thus, we offer extensive services that our counterparts may not. Through our years of experience and management of qualified retirement plans, we are able to give plan sponsors and their employees more proactive administration and guidance than is traditionally received from other financial advisors in the 401(k) and profit-sharing business


  • We Are Different Because:

    We are different than other 401(k) advisors because:

    • We are independent and are not incentivized to sell a particular 401(k) product or platform, allowing us to find the 401(k) product that fits your independent situation.
    • We have multiple staff members experienced in the management and administration of group qualified plans.
    • We assign an employee to work with your human resources executive or trustee to ensure the efficient and cost-effective coordination and administration of your benefit plan(s).
    • We believe in the concept of empowering employees through education and are committed to helping the common 401(k) participant plan for a successful retirement.

  • The Services That Set Us Apart:

    The services that set us apart from other 401(k) advisors and qualified plan consultants are as follows:

    • Gathering, analyzing and prioritizing your company’s retirement plan needs.
    • Evaluation of current plan including service provider strengths and weaknesses, tax-savings analysis, plan design, investments offered, participant understanding and fees charged.
    • Assistance in formulation of Investment Policy Statement and due diligence files.
    • Monitoring of plan investments for adherence to the Investment Policy Statement.
    • Ongoing employee education seminars and re-enrollment meetings.
    • Commitment to the due diligence process through the facilitation of a formal contract review with the plan trustees on an annual basis.