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The markets – the subject of discussion, debate and often times disbelief. That’s why we believe in making you, the investor, rather than the markets, the investment focus.

As an investor, you have goals against which we can position your investments while taking inevitable market fluctuations into account. We will also help you calculate an individualized rate of return – the rate of return we’ll pursue with your investments based on the goals you would like to achieve.

Building your investments around you and your goals is a philosophy that we believe will help increase the likelihood of your overall financial plan’s success. Here’s why:

Investor centered vs. market centered
Your investments are based on your clearly defined goals, consistent with your values and understood within your financial plan

Reason vs. emotion
“Course corrections” are in response to changes in your goals or life events rather than in reaction to market events

Long-term process vs. short-term event
Investing and investment decisions are understood within the context of a life and a lifetime

Relational vs. transactional
Investment decisions are based on comprehensive knowledge of you and your interests, achieved through an ongoing client-advisor relationship


Wealth Strategies Partner
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