Back to School - Investor Education

It is the time of year when kids are starting up school and bigger kids are going back to college. In the past few weeks, Debbie dropped Abrie at Kansas for her junior year and we both dropped Brett off at U of A for his freshman year—big brother Jonah (starting his third year in the real post-college world) went down for that one too…seems like yesterday I wrote in this space about dropping HIM off for the first time (Finer Things - September 2013)!

We are constantly asking all of you if there is anything you wish we were doing that you don’t see enough of from us. The answer we most frequently get is INVESTOR EDUCATION FOR OUR KIDS, especially from the under-55 crowd with teenagers. We have written in this space before about financial literacy (Finer Things - July 2018) – that column had a good article linked at the bottom and also linked to which is a fantastic interactive tool.

I recently visited a client and her two teenage daughters doing a trial run for a Financial Literacy “workshop” that we would like to offer. It went very well—both the parents and the teens got a lot out of it and felt that it was time well spent. We are going to be holding a few of these over the next several months here in our branch conference room. Kids should bring a laptop or tablet to follow along (not a phone as a larger screen is preferable) and parents are welcome to sit in on the session as well.

Hopefully one of the following options will fit in your schedules:

  • Wednesday 9/25, 4:00 – 5:30 PM
  • Tuesday 10/1, 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Please contact Sonja ( or 480-365-6891) to sign up. If the above dates/times don’t work, please give us suggestions as to what day/time would work for you. We plan on hosting these somewhat regularly if there is demand.


-Gary Weiss and Kelly Hughes, September 2019