October 2019 - Executive Council

Somewhat Big News

I met Gary in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. It was late 2008 and he was interviewing firms because he was sick of big Wall Street and the lack of accountability at his previous firm…and I must add that he had some flowy curly hair at the time! As we sat in the boardroom at Raymond James headquarters facing each other, the great worry and concern in Gary’s face and voice were palpable. I had no doubt then and do not doubt now, that his biggest responsibilities were and are to his family and his client family.

Fast forward eight years. Close to a decade of collaborating together cross-country by phone, I joined Gary in Scottsdale – a big move to say the least – but we joined forces with the utmost trust and admiration.

I give you this backstory because I want you to understand what an outstanding human I knew Gary was from the moment I met him. He is diligent beyond measure and a person of the highest integrity. I am not the only person to notice these qualities.

Gary has just been appointed to the Executive Council at Raymond James. This position is one of the most coveted honors a financial advisor of Raymond James can be asked to take. He is one of four advisors asked to join for a two year term from a firm of 7,800 financial advisors. The Executive Council reports directly to the RJF Board of Directors. Throughout his career, Gary has built important relationships with all of you, always keeping your unique needs and goals in mind. This appointment serves as an indication of the relentless dedication to the people and community he serves.

Gary’s role on the Executive Council will allow our team to provide the home office with valuable feedback on ways to improve and enhance the client experience. Please join me in congratulating Gary on this prestigious achievement!

– Kelly Hughes, October 2019