Back to School (for now)

I have some “exciting” updates to share…a couple of weeks ago I met with one of our more “experienced” clients who wanted to discuss some things not over Zoom…I actually wore dress pants! And I paired them with socks and dress shoes!

Debbie and Abrie recently took a “Thelma and Louise”-like road trip (thankfully without the dramatic ending)…Abrie is back at University of Kansas for her senior year. What classes will look like is something that changes almost daily…for now her classes are a mix of socially-distanced in-person and online sessions.

I drove Brett down to Tucson to start his sophomore year at the U of A. His first semester classes are all online. He is living in his fraternity house with my nephew (his cousin). My brother and I helped move them in and then drove back together filled with nostalgia. We couldn’t get over the fact that our sons are now roommates in the same fraternity house that we lived in 33 years ago!

Evan and Seth are now high school seniors who have begun their year with online school at home. Luckily they only have half-days and are done by 11:30. Both are actively applying to colleges for next year…more to come on that in the coming months.

Some friends and I have discussed who is missing out more during the pandemic…is it the grandparents that can’t spend enough time with their children and grandchildren? Or is it the high school class of 2020 who missed things like prom and graduation and are now having a very different first year of college experience (for those who are attending at all…I know several who have deferred or are now taking a “gap year”)?

Our kids all faced disappointments with spring and summer plans being cancelled…whether it was a semester abroad, another fun season on staff at summer camp or the last year of summer camp as CITs (Counselors-in-Training/Campers-in-Transition). Frankly I am used to spending four to six weeks alone with Debbie in the summer…we call it our “empty nest practice” which I absolutely love. Instead, this spring/summer turned into five months with more kids in the house than we are used to…we shared mostly good times and many fun memories, but we all had to deal with some disappointment.

It has been fun watching live sports on TV again. I have enjoyed watching golf (the PGA was quite exciting). While the Suns didn’t make the NBA playoffs they did everything in their power to do so…a record of 8-0 in the “NBA restart” gives fans hope for the future of our young team. The Dbacks started out miserably but have heated up recently…at least we have more things to talk about and to keep us entertained! Let’s hope all can stay healthy and safe and the games can continue.

Over the past few months I binge-watched “How I Met Your Mother”…all nine seasons! I had never watched the show when it aired and didn’t know much about it. For those looking for an entertaining series I highly recommend it…it is light, funny and has many likable characters (a must-have quality for me). Any show that lasts nine years had to be doing something right.

I hope you all are staying healthy and safe during this unprecedented time!

-Gary Weiss, September 2020

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