Pursuing your long-term goals in
carefully calculated steps


Weiss Wealth Strategies, Scottsdale, Arizona

One of our specialties is working with independent women who have acquired wealth as business owners or through inheritance, and newly single women who face the emotional and financial challenges of losing a spouse through death or divorce.

Women face unique financial planning challenges. They generally have longer life expectancies than men, yet, on average, earn less over their lifetimes – often because they spend time outside of the workforce raising children or caring for elderly parents.

Many women worry they may outlive their savings, or wonder if they have sufficient income to maintain their lifestyle. They may be handling significant assets on their own, for the first time.

There is no reason to wrestle with these matters on your own or make guesses regarding your finances. We can serve as your trusted, knowledgeable financial partners to help turn this source of concern into a clear pathway for pursuing your life's ambitions.

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