Continuing the virtuous circle of wealth

By helping you do more with what you’ve accomplished, we help ensure the continuation of your financial success and your ability to do more for the people, the business or the organization for which you’re responsible. It’s what’s known as a virtuous circle of wealth – a recurring cycle of economic events, the result of each one being able to increase the beneficial effect of the next. Everything we do is aimed at building on your achievements in order to create ever-increasing opportunities for greater good in the future.

Jeanne Basso

Client Service Associate

Jeanne Basso

Jeanne is an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in the financial services business. Before joining Morgan Keegan in 2011 and Raymond James in 2013 when the two firms merged, she worked for Smith Barney for 21 years. Having filled many roles in several departments over the years including the bond department and serving as an assistant operations manager, Jeanne has a variety of experiences from which to draw as she serves our clients.

Jeanne is originally from New Orleans, but now enjoys living in Thompsons Station with her husband, John, and three children. Outside the office, she enjoys gardening and travel.