Continuing the virtuous circle of wealth

By helping you do more with what you’ve accomplished, we help ensure the continuation of your financial success and your ability to do more for the people, the business or the organization for which you’re responsible. It’s what’s known as a virtuous circle of wealth – a recurring cycle of economic events, the result of each one being able to increase the beneficial effect of the next. Everything we do is aimed at building on your achievements in order to create ever-increasing opportunities for greater good in the future.

Mary K. Byrd

Investment Portfolio Associate

Daniel Pugh

Mary K's industry tenure spans over 20 years where she employs her extensive knowledge of statistical analysis, institutional cash management, and portfolio construction for the clients of Wellspring Financial Solutions. These clients include healthcare companies, manufacturers, captive insurance companies, government, non-profit and educational entities, as well as individuals transitioning to retirement.

Mary K began her financial services career working with individuals in financial planning. In 1996, she joined the Wellspring team in its infancy to provide analytical support and tactical liquidity management for middle market and large institutions. Today, she provides sophisticated day-to-day working capital management on over $500mm, for many of our institutional clients. She leads Wellspring's portfolio construction process for both institutions and individuals. In addition, she is responsible for client portfolio monitoring and stress testing these portfolios against a changing economic and political environment.

Mary K holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Kentucky Wesleyan College and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Kentucky. She has earned the Certified Treasury Professional designation by the Association of Financial Professionals.

Mary K is a member of both the local and national chapters of the Association of Financial Professionals. She assisted the Tennessee Valley Authority in the development, implementation and management of the Tennessee Valley Authority's Investment Challenge. She holds industry licenses Series 7 and 63.