Continuing the virtuous circle of wealth

By helping you do more with what you’ve accomplished, we help ensure the continuation of your financial success and your ability to do more for the people, the business or the organization for which you’re responsible. It’s what’s known as a virtuous circle of wealth – a recurring cycle of economic events, the result of each one being able to increase the beneficial effect of the next. Everything we do is aimed at building on your achievements in order to create ever-increasing opportunities for greater good in the future.

William Gary Greene, AIF

Senior Vice President, Investments
Managing Director

William Gary Greene

Gary has an extensive knowledge in cash flow driven investments and strategies for institutional, nonprofit and corporate accounts, including specialized knowledge of captive insurance companies and healthcare entities.

Gary’s industry tenure extends over 24 years. He began his financial services career with an internship at Dean Witter Reynolds in 1987 and has held positions as an equity trader, fixed-income trader, as well as an institutional portfolio strategist. His career includes more than 20 years with Raymond James including its predecessor firms, primarily in the institutional investment area.

Gary has bachelor’s degrees in economics/finance and business management from Lipscomb University, in Nashville, TN. He’s been certified by the Association of Financial Professional as a Certified Treasury Professional and is accredited by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary.

He is a regular speaker on economics and investments at various industry conferences across the United States. His recent speaking engagements include: The Tennessee Captive Insurance Association’s "Annual Meetings", USA Risk Group’s "Annual Meeetings", Association for Financial Professional "National Conference", Cash Managers Association "Monthly Forum" as well as his investment team’s own "Wellpoint Symposiums".

Gary is a member of the Association of Financial Professionals, the Healthcare Financial Management Association and the Tennessee Captive Insurance Association.

In addition, Gary serves on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Captive Insurance Association as well as director for several captive insurance companies and risk retention groups.

His clients include hospitals and other healthcare companies, commercial and captive insurance companies, manufacturers, governments, retailers, endowments and foundations.