When it comes to passing down an inheritance, most people feel their life lessons and experiences are more important than their financial assets and real estate. Yet, very few make provisions for this in their will or estate plan. That’s why we are pleased to provide our clients and their families with a wonderful Legacy Stories Handbook.

The idea of this activity is to get the whole family involved with interviewing and recording their elder’s stories as well as their own. A lifetime of legacy stories cannot be shared in one sitting nor do all family members live nearby. With the step-by-step framework of the Legacy Stories handbook families can modify and fit their own particular situation.

Our team believes that a true legacy is more than being remembered for what you accomplished in life. It is how the lessons of those accomplishments can positively influence future generations. And in a world where youth are learning their values from reality show celebrities and social media friends, never has there been a time when your life lessons and experiences can make more of a difference.

Make your fireside stories come to life for generations to come!

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