Our Resources at Your Disposal

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  • Define your needs and objectives.
  • Determine your current investment mix.
  • Define our skills and capabilities.


  • How does the current investment mix meet your objectives?
  • What is the relationship of return relative to the risk present in your portfolio?
  • Does your portfolio properly address risk tolerances?
  • Is security overlap contributing to a lack of diversification?*
  • Could your objectives and needs be met better with less risk?


  • Present the results of your current holding analysis and evaluation.
  • Present recommendations and proposals that will better reflect your objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Present a transition plan on how to proceed.
  • Develop and have you sign an investment policy statement that recaps the objectives and risk evaluations.

Monitor & Manage

  • Communicate with you on a regular basis, in order to maintain a clear understanding of your needs.
  • Manage your assets in keeping with stated objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Adjust the portfolio as dictated by either changed objectives or market dynamics.
  • Measure results of investments to stated benchmarks.
  • Meet with you one on one at least annually.

Please keep in mind that diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.