You Just Never Know

Most of us have scores of treasured friends that likely span the spectrum of personalities and capabilities including but not limited to the engineer, the academic, the professor, the philosopher, the party animal, the politician, the complainer, the comedian and well you get the drift. Have you ever noticed that the universe will often times place either the exact correct friend in our path or the exact situationally opposite friend depending on nothing but chance? Give that some thought and think back on the last meaningful interaction or experience you shared with a friend and see if this isn’t making some sense. It might even be your emotionally tuned in K9 buddy who senses something isn’t right and will uncharacteristically snuggle up alongside of you to lend some emotional support. Maybe even the friend who nearly participated in your expulsion from eighth grade because of HIS class antics and sure enough he sends an IM (instant message for those of you over age 60) at a time you most needed to hear from him. An old buddy of mine recently tagged me from a resort in Mexico as he was attempting to set a new tequila consumption record. Something about---"hey Steve, you should try to meet us down here for a little get a way soon"! The associated event photos looked something reminiscent of Spring Break. Mind you, he’s retired from the Navy and well into his sixth decade on this good Earth. His grandchildren behave much better. But he lives "Carpe Diem"!

A wise friend of mine once shared that you can count all of your good friends on one hand. The subject qualifier here is the word "good". In this day and age of hundreds of friends on our FaceBook page, LinkedIn or Twitter, it’s reassuring to know that those that take action and plug themselves into our days and thoughts and lives are likely the friends that would stand alongside of you in any situation. Maybe that was the intuitive and less formal message of friendship that my old buddy was trying to convey. Nonetheless, why not reach into your proverbial modern day Rolodex and share an old fashioned phone call with a few friends to let me them know you were thinking of them. We tend to get too wrapped up in our day to day tasks to appreciate the relationships we forged with people in our past. Just be sure to prepare yourself with the personality profile of the identified friend before dialing their number!

At your service,


Steven T. Wilmarth, CEP®, WMS