Stay In Your Lane

We’ve all run across the type of person who is seemingly an expert in nearly everything they do whether part of their professional capacity or not. During a recent conversation with a successful professional who is expanding his firm with a good number of team members, I asked "What has been the biggest challenge related to his practice?" He responded quickly by stating, "Trying to keep everyone in their lane". He indulged my curiosity and went on to explain that each associate on the team has specialized skills. Those skills are exactly what he hired each associate for. When a task or challenge arose, he found that often times more than one of the team members would jump in to help or aid in addressing the issue, instead of allowing the best aligned team member for the task to handle it, asking for assistance only when necessary. Often times a highly educated team member can become the "fly in the ointment" quickly when not understanding the surroundings – thus making a bigger task than originally presented.

I am fortunate to interact with a wide range of people who are engineers, doctors, lawyers, pilots, nurses, military professionals, business owners, law enforcement and many more. These are highly educated and trained professionals who have each enjoyed a high level of success and achievement based on their current or prior education and / or experience over many years. There’s more than a few common denominators to success including perseverance, courage, dedication, grit and good old fashioned hard work. Interestingly, a few of these people try to delve into areas where they have little to no experience or education, and become distraught with a failure. Like the retired CPA who attempts to install a water heater on his own versus retaining a plumber or the dental surgeon who attempted his own tax reporting or the retired professor who attempted a brake repair on his motorcycle! Even the Old West towns had a blacksmith, barber shop, saloon, hotel, livery stable, sheriff’s office and well you get the picture.

As for us here at Wilmarth Private Wealth Management, we have freshly painted pavement markings on our lanes!

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Steven T. Wilmarth, CEP®, WMS

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