Profiles in Success

Michelle Soderlund

President, Pinnacle Pension Services, Inc.

When Michelle Soderlund first decided to move to Boise from Northern California in 1986, her dream was to create a business with a collaborative atmosphere, where employees would share in the growth of her company. Today, as president of Pinnacle Pension Services, Inc., that dream is a reality.

Michelle Soderlund is not affiliated with Raymond James.

Sylvia Hampel

President and CEO, Clearview Cleaning

Sylvia Hampel’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in at the tender age of nine, when her parents told her she had to make her own money to buy clothes, shoes — even toiletries. Today, she’s president and CEO of Boise, Idaho-based Clearview Cleaning, the largest woman-owned business in the state.

Sylvia Hampel is not affiliated with Raymond James.