An established process for developing personalized financial solutions

A customized financial plan serves as the foundation for pursuing and potentially achieving your goals. Our process gives us an orderly way to identify relevant strategies for moving forward and fully addressing your needs. Here are the basic steps we follow.

Individual Process

+ Understand

The more we know about you and what you wish to accomplish, the better we can put our outside-the-box thinking to work for you. To begin, we carefully listen and learn about you, your goals, and your personal values – what you find important in life. The conversation evolves to analyzing your current and future assets, liabilities, income sources and cash flow needs.

+ Design

We discuss specific factors that can influence our overall strategy, such as your risk tolerance, tax concerns, liquidity needs and time horizon. Only then do we design a customized financial plan that helps address your needs and features recommendations designed specifically for you.

+ Implement

Once this plan meets with your approval, we will move it from paper into action. We will review the applicable recommendation with the other financial professionals where appropriate. We then put into effect the solutions in combination with the client.

+ Monitor

We will conduct regular meetings with you to discuss any changes in your life – at work, at home or during retirement – and then recommend and make appropriate adjustments that adapt to changing goals, markets and circumstances.

While this process is common to all our clients, it is unique to your specific needs, goals and situation.