Why Marketing Matters

Lisa Turley, senior vice president of advisor marketing at Raymond James, is well-versed in the whys, hows and wheres of helping advisors build their brands. For instance…

Q: Why is the Marketing offering at Raymond James an industry standout?
A: Raymond James Marketing delivers a unique branding solution no wirehouse or independent broker/dealer offers. We provide brand flexibility – the ability to create a unique brand rather than being limited to using only the Raymond James name – combined with the deep resources of an internal marketing agency. We understand the nuances of the business, which translates to a deeper understanding of how to differentiate a particular advisor or practice and create a compelling brand.

Q: How does that differ from what’s available at external advertising and marketing agencies?
A: In addition to our team’s extraordinary creative talent, there are three key differentiators: Advisors and internal departments are our only clients. Our team complements their design, writing, multimedia and strategic skills with a solid knowledge of the financial services industry and the specific needs of financial advisors. Many of our associates are Series 7-licensed. Advertising Compliance is part of the agency and included in project discussions right from the start. When we present a concept, you can be confident Compliance has already given us the green light. Finally, since we are not a profit center for Raymond James, our pricing is typically lower than a traditional ad agency or external marketing professional.

Q: Why is it important for advisors to have – and build – a brand?
A: Building and maintaining a strong brand is a great way to distinguish a practice and share a compelling value proposition, which can reduce price sensitivity and increase loyalty over time – similar to the way a consumer is willing to pay a premium for BAND-AID® bandages over a generic brand. When truly aligned with the practice, a brand helps establish expectations, convey an advisor’s unique expertise, and demonstrate their values and personality. A consistent – and consistently integrated – brand also increases the likelihood that current clients and centers of influence will refer potential clients who fit the practice’s “ideal client” description.

Q: Why has a brand’s online presence in particular become so important?
A: Over 90% of potential clients who are referred to an advisor Google that advisor to begin their research. A consistent online brand (a website plus social media properties) can add value by allowing an advisor to own the results of that search, and it will position him or her well against other financial advisors a prospective client may be considering.