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Gisella Cohen headshot
Gisella “Giselle” Cohen

Senior Practice Marketing Associate

Giselle is the newest member of the Cohen & Son team. Prior to joining her husband’s family business she was in the medical space as a registered nurse. Raised and educated in New York, she earned her Bachelors of Science from Pace University while she worked at Beth Israel Medical Center on the Oncology unit. When she moved to Florida, she continued her nursing career as a Case Manager for Hospice of Broward County. Once their children were born, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to work for a Charlotte based healthcare informatics company as a mapper and QA consulting. As a consultant her flexibility allowed her to maintain her passion for healthcare while staying involved in her children’s daily activities, sports and volunteer work.

Her experience in direct sales through social media translates well in the financial arena. Her goal is to give that extra personal touch to their family of clients, and keeping them engaged through the Cohen & Son website, facebook, linkedin and twitter.

With her exposure to both the investment and medical industry, Giselle has a unique perspective working alongside her husband and father in law. Years of dinnertime conversations and father/son business interactions, she understands their objective of putting their clients first and believes that treating clients like family with a clear understanding of their needs while doing so with integrity is paramount. Her experience in patient care gives her insight on the individual’s financial concerns and its correlation with current and future mental and physical state of health.

Giselle lives in Jupiter with her husband Jon, their 3 grown children, Camille, Gabi and Brad, although very close to their family, live on 3 different coasts. She enjoys travel with her family and strongly believes in the value of multicultural exposure, a belief her family shares. She also enjoys playing piano, shares her husband’s zest for food and wine, and has a passion for architecture and design.