An uplifting client experience from down-to-earth people

At Harvest Wealth Advisory, we put a lot of effort in delivering an extraordinary client experience. It entails the full attention of our committed and caring team, a disciplined process that addresses your individual situation, and experienced financial planning that accurately reflects your goals.

Our team is dedicated to delivering white-glove, concierge-level service, and takes pride in quickly addressing your needs and following through from start to finish. We take every measure to help make sure that you always feel right at home, and to know that our team is always available to assist you with every need.

Building a bountiful harvest

Our approach to financial planning includes a comprehensive onboarding process, designed to identify and prioritize your most important financial goals, and then create and implement a personalized financial plan for pursuing them. We want you to fully understand the prudent investment decisions we make on your behalf. We believe that helping you see the big picture can go a long way toward preventing emotional reactions to short-term market events.

IDENTIFY – The “Is it a good fit?” meeting

Identifying whether your financial advisor is someone that “fits you” is crucial to receiving the financial guidance you seek. At this meeting, we learn about you just as much as you learn about us. We also take this opportunity to learn about any special financial issues or challenges you may have and how our team could help. Finally, we discuss what goals and objectives you may have.

PRIORITIZE – The “Let’s get started!” meeting

Once you have determined that we are a good fit for one another, our second meeting involves assessing your current financial picture. This involves discussing drafted proposals that will help prioritize your risk in meeting your financial goals. 

IMPLEMENT – The “Where do we go from here?” meeting

Once you have reviewed our proposals and fully comprehend the prudent investment decisions laid out, our third meeting involves implementing the plan and formalizing our working relationship. 

MANAGE – The “I have clear communication and understanding” meetings

As we continuously monitor your portfolio, we conduct periodic reviews to always be transparent with each other. It also allows us to monitor your progress relative to your defined objectives and suggest any changes where needed. These meetings also allow us to discuss any significant changes in your life and make proper adjustments.