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Barbara Andriso
Barbara Andriso
Associate, Mendham Capital Management
Marketing Consultant, RJFS

Barbara Andriso has joined Mendham Capital in the role of Marketing Consultant. She brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to the team and will spearhead MCM’s community involvement and philanthropic activities. Barbara’s enthusiasm and outgoing nature are sure to raise awareness of MCM’s capabilities.

Barbara came up in the business world as a cellular telephone pioneer, operating a prosperous chain of wireless retail stores for more than 20 years. She has also enjoyed success as a real estate salesperson and general contractor on residential real estate projects.

Known affectionately as “MacGyver” to her friends, Barbara can be described as a modern-day renaissance woman. She is mechanically inclined, has a knack for creative solutions and is always ready to take on a new project.

Barbara is a devoted Mom to her four children. She is blessed with three grown sons, Justice, Orlando and Ace’a. Her youngest is daughter, Miabella, who will enter college as a student-athlete this fall studying business and playing basketball at Drew University. In addition to her children, Barbara dotes on her canine companions, Chloe and Roxy, who are almost always at her side.

Leisure pursuits are a big part of Barbara’s life as well. She is a passionate boater and her diligent studies this winter qualified her for a US Coast Guard Master Captains License. Barbara is also an avid traveler and, like the rest of the MCM team, has become enamored of the game of golf.

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