Crystal Foley bio headshot
Crystal Foley Chief Operations Coordinator, Oak Crest Advisors Operations Coordinator, RJFS

Crystal Foley is the dynamic Chief Operations Coordinator for Oak Crest Advisors, a leading financial organization with a significant national footprint. Her illustrious journey in the corporate world commenced in the realm of human resources, serving as a director for multiple prominent medical institutions. Driven by an innate passion for organizational management and finance, Crystal transitioned to Oak Crest Advisors in 2022. Since her induction, she has been the cornerstone behind the company's robust operational strategies and streamlined processes that propel day-to-day functions.

Beyond her professional realm, Crystal is a dedicated mother to three wonderful children. One of them is currently honing their academic pursuits at Texas Tech University. Through her career and personal life, Crystal exemplifies the essence of dedication, leadership, and continual growth.