Our process provides clear direction for your investment strategy

There is a vast universe of investments out there with myriad opportunities clamoring for attention. Our job is to filter through them in order to select only those that are best suited for you and your goals. That is why we use a detailed process that helps us build a personalized investment portfolio around your unique goals. It is not a terminal process that ends with a portfolio stocked with quality investments, but one that enables us to modify your plan in order to adapt to changes in your life or new goals as they arise.

Your investment policy will serve as the foundation for each investment decision we make on your behalf. Due to the importance of the policy, we will devote the necessary time to help you clearly define your long-term objectives and prioritize your goals. We will also build an understanding of your financial situation, investment experience and clearly define your specific risk tolerance.

Our team will design a long-term strategic allocation to fit your investment profile based on the needs and goals identified in our first step. We will then structure your portfolio by identifying strategies within asset classes, and strive to provide above-benchmark returns within a defined level of risk. Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Once the appropriate asset allocation has been determined, we implement your personalized strategy using the extensive tools available to us through our platform at Raymond James.

We will conduct due diligence on existing investment managers and identify new candidates for each asset class and style of the portfolio as needed. We will continually monitor and measure investment performance and present the results to you during reviews. During reviews we will address any questions they may have arisen and present our investment recommendations.