Living for Today Leaving Legacies for Tomorrow

People sometimes ask us how we came up with the name “Simple Shade Wealth Management” for our practice.

It stems from a Warren Buffet quote I heard years ago. “Somebody is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Planting a tree was the hard part. It requires physical labor and the knowledge of where to plant it, how to feed it and what steps to take to protect it from adverse conditions.

At Simple Shade Wealth Management, we strive to simplify your personal planting process. That means helping you understand what successful investing entails. It means providing you with guidance when storm clouds gather and markets turn gloomy. It means helping you nurture your financial resources so that they withstand the elements, grow as planned and blossom when you need them.

Shade is what we hope to provide you. Simple is how we try to provide it. Simple Shade is a name that best describes our aspirations for every client we serve.

“Family wealth management is what we do,
helping you realize and achieve more than you thought was possible is who we are”