At Sophia we recognize that it’s not just what we do but also how we do it as a business that impacts our community. We seek to create new models of investment services delivery that have a positive impact not only to our clients but also our community. In the following sections you will see the different ways we have been able to live out the core beliefs of Sophia Financial. Beliefs can be meaningless without corresponding actions, and we know that action is what delivers impact.

Our Partners / News

Every family, person, and professional needs a financial team to operate their lives efficiently and proficiently. In our time strapped, over-committed lives this may seem like too much trouble or too overwhelming.

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Community Education

From Wealth Academy to Empowered Investing, Sophia Financial holds workshops and seminars throughout the year to empower women and men to lead a knowledgeable and financially successful life.

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Giving Back

Sophia Financial is dedicated to numerous charitable initiatives as we realize there is much more to philanthropy than a charitable tax credit.

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