Guiding your company

with a disciplined approach


We understand how complex plan management can be. That’s why we utilize a measured process in each key area we work with you to help ensure all your bases are covered. Our dedicated team grounds our actions in consistent steps to help you evaluate your choices, decide what’s best for your business, document each step of the way, and monitor your plan’s progress.

Plan design

First, we evaluate and identify the plan’s purpose with an eye toward demographics and organizational structure. Then, as part of the portfolio construction, we work in concert with Raymond James Asset Management Services (AMS) to develop forward-looking risk, return and correlation assumptions for the various asset classes to be included.

Once we collectively decide on the plan design and investment strategy that fits with your objectives and culture, we document the design requirements and compile all documents in a fiduciary audit file. We also create a custom investment policy statement (IPS) that clearly outlines the investment criteria for screening, implementing and replacing investment options. In addition, we create a custom servicing policy statement (SPS) that sets the agreed-upon service levels for everyone involved. And, just as important, we monitor participant behavior and regulatory changes on an ongoing basis against the plan’s objectives and refine as needed.

Learn more about creating an investment policy statement and qualified plan consulting agreement.


One of the growing needs for company retirement plans is the ability to appropriately manage them. We can help by evaluating, researching and identifying the nature of fiduciary, investment and other plan risks and provide recommendations for how they are managed.

Additionally, we can help with decisions involving committees, policies and criteria to serve as a framework for mitigating potential plan risks, and often create written investment and education policy statements. We meticulously document risk management activities and plan sponsor decisions. And, on an ongoing basis, monitor governance initiatives, 404(c) compliance and regulatory changes.


By evaluating, researching and identifying investments and portfolios that are based on strict quantitative and qualitative criteria, we help you decide which investments are right for your organization.

We search for high-quality investment managers who have consistently compensated investors for the active risk taken. Once your portfolio is constructed, we optimize the asset allocation and analyze against unconstrained, efficient portfolios designed to maximize returns at each level of risk. Along the way, we document investment manager research, portfolio construction methodologies, due-diligence data and plan sponsor decisions. Performance, management and fees are monitored and allocations are refined based on investment policy constraints and informed market judgment.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss. Past performance does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss.


Once we understand your organization’s requirements for effective employee communication and education, we can help you decide upon policies intended to boost enrollment and participation, as well as make retirement planning resources and advice available to participants.

We continue to document ongoing educational activities and employee communication initiatives, monitor participant behavior and education initiative success, and refine policies and plan design as necessary.

Service providers

We can help identify, research and evaluate providers that offer platforms to support plan design and governance constraints. Once we collectively decide which provider(s) will offer platforms and services for recordkeeping and administering the plan, we compile and manage document service agreements, platform features and plan sponsor decisions.


Due to the time it takes to document as part of your fiduciary responsibility, this is a highly valued part of our process. We create and manage a fiduciary audit file at each phase that includes:

Plan design: Requirements for the plan’s design and all plan documents.

Governance: Risk management activities and plan sponsor decisions.

Investments: Investment manager research, portfolio construction methodologies, due-diligence data and plan sponsor decisions.

Education: Ongoing educational activities and employee communication initiatives.

Service providers: Service agreements, platform features and plan sponsor decisions.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

– Warren Buffett