Tisha Hill of Raymond James


Tisha, thank you for taking the time to meet and go through everything with me today on how and where we are investing my money. Transferring my 401k over to have you help me better manage it, I feel more empowered. It feels good taking another action step to secure my future! Thank you for that! I truly appreciate you, all your years of experience, and I am grateful we met in the networking group!
- Love & Sunshine, Julie

The statement is a testimonial from a current client as of 10/04/2023, and may no longer be applicable or a client. No compensation was paid in exchange for the testimonial, it was not solicited by the advisor, and client consents to use of this testimonial in the advisor's advertisements. The testimonial is not representative of all client's experience with the advisor, not based on performance, and not a guarantee of future performance or success. Investing involves risk and isn't always profitable.


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