There are many turning points in life. We’ll guide you in taking the right route.

Life is full of turning points. Some are anticipated while others are unexpected – a career or job change, marriage or divorce, retirement and inheritance, the loss of a spouse or the sale of a business. They not only evoke a wide range of emotions but create critical financial ramifications as well.

Having the right financial guidance is essential at times like these.

At Turning Point Wealth Management of Raymond James, we understand the urgency of such transitions. We have dedicated our careers to providing the financial guidance people need to move forward with confidence. We’d like to hear about your journey so we can work together to keep you on a clear and steady path.

we’ll be with you every step of the way

Life is an ongoing adventure – and so is the timely financial advice we provide at every juncture. You can count on us for every stage of your life and for every matter that money touches.

After almost 40 years in the business, I have seen and addressed virtually every type of financial situation or complexity our clients have encountered.
Marsha Werner, CFP®; Vice President, Investments