Goals Distract and Help....

Soooo…. Here we are in August…. Schools are gearing up – both brick and mortar and virtual. We are closing out the summer and looking forward to the Fall. Yep, I said looking forward to the Fall. I’m focused on the changing colors, the relief of the heat, and maybe a bowl of butternut squash soup. I’m going to work on a new art form that my good friend taught me over the weekend – making wire trees with gemstones. I want to use fall colors and I think I will share on our Facebook page once I attain this goal. Yes, we have a Facebook page!

During the summer, as I mentioned, I learned the wire tree art form from a good friend. It’s not as easy as it looks, actually. Another friend taught me how to make a glass bead from a glass rod. Whoa! That was cool. I learned this same friend is now about to publish a book she herself wrote. It’s a goal she’s had (I’m sure with varying degrees of attentiveness) for over 9 years. Oh and she will be the publisher to boot! Go girl!! I have a friend who is contemplating getting both wrists operated on at the same time…. (We’ll see what she decides…) I have another friend who would like to work a whole day while her children were actually at school. (We’ll see how that goal works out). And, yet another friend wanting to begin her vegetable garden. (Please plant heirloom tomatoes!)

I never realized it, but I had a goal of ripping out all the cable in my house. So I did. (Don’t laugh – this was scary!) Do you know how liberating it feels? Don’t misunderstand, I have access to incredible intel, I’m not shutting out the world, just checking in on MY terms. Life has always had uncertainty. I focus on what I can manifest and attain. It can be for me, or many times, it’s for someone else. I love helping, look forward to gifting, and swoon over making someone smile or giggle. Goals help distract me from the “noise”, but remain focused on growth and good things. Know goals can be simple or complex, but have them. I love hearing how others either attain the exact goal they wanted or hear how it turned into something totally different.

Every day, we get to be a part of your life. We get to continue to help you plan, and see goals achieved. Folks are still traveling. They still buy houses, cars, campers and more. They still bring new life into this world. They still celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Goals are for everyone at every age, and will always be a part of our lives. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your goal setting and goal attainment!

What are your next goals? Me? My next goals are the fall wire tree, make my mom laugh when I see her, and staying cool. (‘Cause summer is still here). Go set a few goals and then share your successes. I’d love to share them on our Facebook Page!

We Remain At Your Service,


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