Jack Bayer
Jack Bayer, WMSTM Vice-President, Investments

For more than 35 years Jack has been providing his clients with investment and retirement planning focusing on growth. Believing in the long term growth of the markets, Jack emphasizes individual stock ideas to help his client’s achieve financial success. Just as important, Jack prides himself on service and personal attention to his client’s needs.

Prior to joining Raymond James in 2017, Jack served as Vice President with JP Morgan Securities for nine years and as an Associate Director at Bear Stearns for 23 years. It was at Bear Stearns that Jack worked with his late father, Bert, who had been in the financial field for over 30 years. Jack now gets to work with his son, Conor, who has recently joined him in the practice now known as B & B Financial Partners.

Jack makes his home in Glencoe with his wife Kathy. In addition to Conor, they have three daughters Courtney, Hannah and Natalie; as well as three grandsons, PJ, Joey, and Aiden.