Financial guidance with
your best interest
at heart

Our office is more than 700 miles west of Wall Street, but it might as well be a million miles. We're far from being the stereotypical "Wall Street" types, nor do we want to be – that's just not who we are.

We are, however, dedicated, hard-working professionals with the experience and credentials to offer genuine advice, personalized service and time-tested investment strategies to help our clients here in the Midwest move confidently toward their financial goals.

Our approach is distinct when compared to the traditional Wall Street firms, utilizing an all-encompassing process and adding value beyond simply managing investment portfolios.

Learn the benefits of working with a


Learn the benefits of working with a



A personal note from Kerrie Best

Success to me is not measured by income or by the assets we have under management. It is not measured by the number of accounts we have or the number of families we do business with.

Success to me is measured by the depth and strength of each individual relationship we develop with every client we serve. It is the knowledge that our clients truly trust us, have faith in not only our service level and commitment to them, but our depth of knowledge and resources, and believe we are an integral part of their team.

Our clients look to us as a resource to address not only financial issues, but many life issues traditionally considered outside the normal scope of an advisor/client relationship. We firmly believe that knowledge paired with superior service and genuine commitment to our clients' best interests is a combination that cannot fail.

I was fortunate to have several financial industry pioneers as mentors when I first began my career, many of them with more than 50 years of experience.

One of those advisors taught me early on that if you always do what is right by your client – not only putting them first, but truly doing only what is in their best interest – you will always be able to look them in the eye. Clients understand and respond to sincerity and honesty.

He taught me never to consider my own interest at all – that if I can succeed in doing what I believe in my heart is the right thing for our clients, I will never have to worry about my own success. Everything else will fall into place.

I am happy to report, he has been proved right.

- Kerrie