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“Just one more question.”

This simple request reflects a desire to learn more. It’s also a key part of the highly disciplined financial planning process that Brian Orol, CFP® and the Strategic Wealth Management team have developed. Over several initial client meetings, the team digs deep to understand the client’s perspective and their complete financial picture, both where it stands today and where it’s headed.

Holistic, Responsive, Results-Oriented Financial Planning

Orol takes his advisory role seriously. In 1994, he became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional. The fiduciary standard is part of the CFP® code of ethics. Putting clients first, and doing right by them, was as important to Orol then as it is now.

The diverse clients who look to Strategic Wealth Management are successful individuals and families, those near or in retirement, business owners, and corporate executives. On their behalf, Orol focuses on the critical details of solving client problems and managing money. The team manages each client relationship with care, delivering straightforward insights and advice based on 25 years in the profession. The practice manages assets according to each client’s individual needs, goals, and risk assessment, working closely with outside providers such as CPAs to make sure any planning gaps are fully addressed.

After a basic financial plan is drafted, the team’s real work begins.

“Summarizing our discussions helps us define our top priorities,” Orol says. “Then we can start moving forward in a very purposeful way. An equally important part of our service is tackling major issues our clients might not see coming, like a family- or health-related event. We’re always on standby, ready to step in to make our clients’ lives easier and keep their financial plans on track.”

Actively Managing Investments For the Long Term

Client portfolios are built from scratch, and stock selection is a rigorous, research-driven process. Orol prefers individual stocks and bonds over funds “so clients know what they own.” The tools he uses to help increase client income and help mitigate risk include Stop Loss Orders and options.

“We’re here to help manage investments and address a wide range of financial issues, both sudden and long term,” Orol says. “We leave no stone unturned as we listen and get a full picture of each client’s financial situation as it is today, guide it toward its destination, and look for ways we can help.”

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

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