Each client is different and unique. 
Therefore, they should have a customized portfolio.

Bruce believes that investors need to properly allocate among different sectors, different size companies, and asset classes to successfully meet their financial goals.

He begins the investment selection process by screening stocks based on fundamental research. Once he has created a universe of fundamentally attractive equities, he uses technical analysis to further screen companies based on volume, stock price fluctuation, relative strength and a variety of chart patterns used to identify trends within the market, sectors and individual stocks. These patterns and trends are very useful in determining when to buy or sell.

Another useful tool is the stop order (stop orders are available only on NYSE and AMEX listed stocks). Stop orders are designed to allow investors to limit the downside risk to their portfolio by setting a predetermined exit price for a stock. If the stock drops to a certain level, or below that level, it will automatically become a market order to sell.

All too often, investors buy at the highs and sell at the lows without knowing how asset allocation and rebalancing can help. Rebalancing is used to maintain your original allocation (%) as markets expand and contract. For example, when the fixed income portion of your portfolio outperforms equities the proper adjustment may involve selling some of your more profitable fixed income (higher price) and the purchase of under performing equities (lower price).

Advantages of working with Bruce:

  • You have the flexibility to chose between fee based accounts: either discretionary or non-discretionary, or a traditional commission account.
  • You receive easy-to-read monthly statements and quarterly performance reports.
  • He provides year-end reports with essential information to file your tax return and will communicate with your accountant and attorney on tax, estate planning and other needs.
  • Bruce will contact you regularly to discuss your account, market conditions, and updates to your plan.