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Finding balance when caregiving

Building wealth, maintaining health: How the sandwich generation makes it work

Caring for aging parents and supporting children, while also managing a career and saving for your own future? You’re not alone. Here’s how two families are juggling it all … and how you can, too.

Where do caregivers go for support? A guide to combating compassion fatigue

Some 43 million Americans care for a loved one, which means what can feel like a solitary journey is actually a circumstance shared by many. Here’s how to find help from those who understand best.

Don’t go it alone: 10 experts to lean on as you build a care team

From medical specialists and elder care lawyers to experts who consult on ways to better age in place, consider key players you may want to add to your circle of care.

Build Your Team

Who cares? For whom? And at what cost?

Meet the caregivers of the sandwich generation

Caregivers of the sandwich generation infographic

Many adults balance caring for parents and children with careers and savings goals. Here’s a look at who they are, their responsibilities and how well they’re making it work.

The upside of upsizing: Making room for all the things that matter

Adults ages 18 to 34 are slightly more likely to be living in their parents’ home than in other situations. Meanwhile, caring for aging parents can be more convenient when sharing living quarters. Enter the rise of the multigenerational home.

See The Upside

Care that’s connected: Telemedicine’s increasingly personal touch

Health-related issues are often among the biggest stressors for both caregivers and their loved ones. From limiting the need for physical doctor visits to providing emotional support from afar, new technologies can offer some relief.

Get Connected

What your loved one needs now, what you’ll need later

The day-to-day to-dos of caregiving can mean bigger-picture conversations take a back seat. But providing the best care, and planning for your own future, depends on open dialogue, as well as certain documents that describe individual preferences for care.

The right advice
starts with a trusted relationship.

We believe financial advice is about more than just having a plan. It’s about having the right plan for you. And that only happens with a true understanding of your whole life, beyond just your finances. Because as your needs become more complex, sophisticated advice and a relationship built for the long term become even more important.