Caterina Holt First Vice President, Investments Branch Manager

Caterina Holt works with individuals and small businesses to create financial plans designed to pursue their goals and that fit their unique circumstances and experiences. She strives to keep her clients well-informed and involved through regular updates and meetings as desired to keep plans proactive and performant.

Caterina knows not all investors come into the financial world with the same level of expertise and comfort, so she meets them at their levels and helps them gain confidence and expertise with her experience and guidance. She prides herself on being the bridge between her clients’ hard work and their financial well-being, giving them the freedom to pursue their goals and enjoy the benefits of their accomplishments.

Candor and persistence define Caterina’s style. Her diligence and clarity in communication help to ensure clients can trust that her work is driven by their best interests and that their investment strategies are created for their specific circumstances and goals.

Prior to joining Raymond James in 2020, Caterina started her career as a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley, where after six years she was promoted to the role of branch manager. She has two bachelor’s degrees, in business management and business marketing, from Baker College in Muskegon. While doing an internship at the Omni Fitness Club she met her husband, Michael. The couple has two adult children, Nicholas and Jacob.

Caterina and Michael enjoy fitness and the outdoors, participating in CrossFit, taking advantage of West Michigan’s beaches and traveling to Spartan races across the country.

She believes it has been a blessing to help her clients strive to meet their goals and tame the fears that can come with investing. She says that one of her greatest joys is when a client leaves an appointment with confidence and an understanding that they can pursue their ambitions.