Wendi Chapman Office Manager

Wendi Chapman is the Office Manager for our team. Originally from Corning New York, Wendi has traveled with her Air Force husband and their two children for over 20 years supporting various assignments across the United States. Throughout their dynamic Air Force journey, Wendi has been the linchpin of her family. She successfully kept the family on task finding places to live, setting up households, coordinating utilities, registering kids for schools, meeting with teachers, etc. Yet most of all Wendi kept things together by showering her family with all the love she could provide.

As their Air Force career came to an end, the Chapman family was fortunate to find themselves in a place they wanted to live their lives permanently, Tullahoma, Tennessee. Wendi began her career with Coffee Financial Services approximately 3 years ago. In just a short time it was evident Wendi was determined to be our linchpin too. As the Office Manager, she makes certain things remain on track and the office runs smoothly. Most of all Wendi's focus remains on the Client and their needs. Wendi's positive nature and her can-do attitude leaves our customers feeling as if they too have been showered with her love.