lucy wall
Lucy Wall Administrative Assistant

Lucy has worked as an Administrative Assistant with Dickerson Jackson & Associates since 2019. She is the face of Dickerson Jackson & Associates & is usually the first person to greet you on the phone or in our office. Her enthusiasm with clients is contagious. Lucy handles all of the daily administrative tasks necessary to create a strong client relationship, providing everything the client needs to open and successfully maintain your accounts.

Prior to working at Dickerson Jackson & Associates, Lucy worked as an Administrative Assistant at Associa on Call/Community Group, from 2017-2019. Previously, she worked at Capital Square 1031 LLC as an Administrative Assistant, & at Circuit City as an Operations Specialist. Lucy is originally from Richmond, VA and is a graduate of Douglas Freeman High School and J. Sargent Reynolds. She has a daughter, Becky, and three granddaughters, Jessica, Oliva, & Kailee.