Keith Dudley bio headshot

Keith Dudley,

CFP® Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

Keith began his career in the financial services industry in 1990 working with international and regional banks as clients. While working for institutions was rewarding, it became clear his true passion was helping individuals and families realize their dreams of financial success and independence. That has been the goal for Keith since 1994, reinforced by his status as a Certified Financial Planner certificant, a designation awarded by the Certified Board of Standards, Inc.

Keith’s approach to wealth management is consultative, and he is committed to excellence. First, he takes time to listen and review client financial situations, preferences and goals. The conversation begins with a private briefing, where clients discuss their liabilities/debt, income and cash flows, real estate holdings, business, investments, and savings.

From that discussion Keith is able to build a net worth statement, provide insight on asset allocation, and – with sophisticated planning software – project future wealth and potential for retirement income. With decades of experience, Keith sees tremendous value in cost-effective, tax-efficient portfolio structure and disciplined management designed to maximize gains and retirement incomes.

Keith views it as critical for clients to understand their situation and to develop and deploy robust financial strategies. He believes one crucial but overlooked point in the wealth management process is consistent portfolio and goal reviews. Long-term investing is one of his core beliefs, but he acknowledges the need to adjust strategy when prudent. His greatest satisfaction comes from helping his clients achieve their financial goals and is convinced a key to that success is communication.

As a native Floridian, he is proud of his humble formative years. He’s the son of a postal worker, married to his high school sweetheart, and paid for his own education by working while attending Florida State University. Keith appreciates hard work and the value of a dollar. It is his experience, his core convictions and values, and the respect of a dollar earned that guides his clients’ finances.

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