Is your financial plan uniquely designed for your needs goals and dreams?

By creating a customized financial plan tailored to your unique circumstances, we help ensure we have established a clear course of action for pursuing your financial goals. It's not a task we take lightly. We follow a thorough and orderly process to ensure we cover every element and consider every detail. Here's a synopsis of how we'll bring your future into focus.

The four step advisory process.


As with all meaningful relationships, we'll begin simply by getting to know one another – ensuring that you're fully aware of our capabilities, and that we have a sound understanding of your personal goals, financial situation, investment experience and level of comfort with risk.


Next, we'll analyze the information you've shared with us and design a plan intended to help you reach your objectives. This step may involve collaboration with other specialists or your existing professionals, such as your CPA or attorney. We'll present our recommendations to you, answer your questions, consider alternatives and outline the steps we need to take to implement your plan.


After you've reviewed your plan and we've fully addressed your questions and concerns, we'll put your customized strategy into action using the extensive tools available to us through Raymond James, which may include selecting specific account types, investment products and other services.


Once implemented, we'll continually monitor the performance of your plan relative to your defined objectives, suggesting adjustments where appropriate. A key to this step is your involvement in the process, including communication of any significant changes in your life. To help ensure your plan remains aligned with your needs and objectives over time, we'll meet on a regular basis and provide ongoing account activity reporting.

"The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns."
Benjamin Graham