From retirees to CEOs of publicly traded companies, The Horgan Group helps individuals from all walks of life pursue their financial goals. The Horgan Group designs, implements, and monitors financial programs designed to help clients based on risk tolerance and investment objectives.

We can be of assistance with both the analytical and emotional sides of investing. Being trustworthy, personable, communicative, and forthright to cultivate strong relationships with our clients is our team’s focus. We strive to make our clients feel as confident and comfortable as possible about their investments. The Horgan Group “goes the extra mile” for our clients by providing services that many financial advisors cannot offer. We set ourselves apart by:

USING INDEPENDENT ADVISORS. Raymond James & Associates does have incentives to sell proprietary products; all investment choices are for the client’s best interest.

ADOPTING A CONSULTATIVE APPROACH to find the investments that are most suitable for the clients needs. This approach leads to a personal relationship with each individual client.

SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY to provide up to date information and services.

CREATING STRATEGIC ALLIANCES. A value-added service to help clients with many needs from research to select referrals to professionals for personal matters.

Our professional approach to building long-term, personal client relationships has helped us to develop a client base that is located throughout the world. The services we offer individuals are as varied as our clients and some examples are listed below. To learn more about services we can offer to address your unique situation, please Contact Us.