Either you have met him at the office or seen pictures of him all over our Jade Facebook page, say hello Jade’s official “Greeter,” Romeo!

Tim was finally convinced that it was time to get a puppy in July 2018; however, he did have some non-negotiable requirements, which included no shedding, small size, and cute. After hours and hours of searching for the perfect pup, Tim stumbled upon an adorable Aussie-Doodle not far from home. He met the puppy for the first time and knew it was meant to be.

Tim’s kids were ecstatic, and the family got creative thinking for the perfect name before getting the pup. They decided on Romeo because most of Tim’s past dogs had names that began with an “R.” Spend a little time with Romeo and you will find that his name suits him well… he is a LOVER.

Tim knew it wouldn’t be right to leave Romeo at home all day while he worked at the office so he brings Romeo along. This energy-filled boy is a part of our team and fulfills the role of “Greeter” better than you could imagine.