Guardianship is a distinct and unique type of judicial matter. Unlike other cases, guardianships may remain open for years or even decades, particularly in cases involving adults with developmental or mental disabilities. The role of a guardian is highly complex, involving legal, social, financial and psychological dimensions. This page, offered by the State of Florida, discusses all of the requirements of a Guardian. 

Being a guardian can be a very difficult endeavor. The guardian is subject to legal scrutiny as the courts have a duty to ensure that guardians are properly caring for their wards. This legal scrutiny is in regard to not only the ward’s person but the ward’s finances as well.

Many financial institutions do not handle guardianship accounts or court-restricted depository accounts. Those that do often do not have a firm grasp on the process of opening these accounts, assisting the guardians with the reporting requirements, understanding the requirements for account withdrawals, etc. Thus, often guardians end up spending a tremendous amount of time, energy and frustration on just trying to figure out how to handle the financial affairs of the ward.

My skillset and experience coupled with Raymond James’ capacity for working with guardianship accounts allows us to assist with your guardianship needs while following the Prudent Investor Rule.

We are fully versed in this process and will be glad to help you from the beginning. We will:

  1. Make sure that the language in the court order is as it should be.
  2. Manage the actual investment of the funds, while continually monitoring the investments and providing reporting of the performance of those investments.
  3. Never send you to an 800 number. You will not be shuffled around from person to person. You will speak to Jared O’Neal and his team throughout the entire process.

Our goal is to make the otherwise cumbersome experience of being a guardian as effortless as possible.