Welcome to the Raymond James Financial Services advisor profile site for Joseph N. Trocchio. Your interest is appreciated. Here, it is hoped investors, as well as all visitors will gain a general understanding of Joe's focus and philosophy of investing and service.

Briefly, Joe takes a macro approach to investing, and believes proper diversification is the key to a quality portfolio, with proper defined as a mix of conventional and hard assets. His aim is to achieve traditional long-term returns while providing a hedge for inflationary or monetary uncertainties. This style comes from two decades of practice and study. As a result, he maintains that many portfolios today have an unintended "breach" in their structure, mainly with respect to protection from higher future inflation. It is this portfolio flaw Joe works to correct, with the goal of reducing overall portfolio risk.

His confidence is applied with foundational thinking as well as timely action, and the focus is on positioning rather than predicting. The strategy is associated with Joe’s interest in the game of chess and its classic fork tactic. The fork creates advantage by allowing one player’s piece the potential to attack or “prong” one of two opponent’s pieces on the next move. Applied to investing, this means a properly diversified portfolio should be positioned to “prong” either a non-inflationary or inflationary economic climate.

*Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss.

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