Everyone has a risk number, but most do not know what that number is. A risk number ranges from 1 to 99 and evaluates how you weigh levels of reward and risk. The higher the number, the more accepting you are of higher risks for higher gains.

For example, let’s compare the risk number to a speed limit sign. If you are driving down a highway and the speed limit is 70, are you more likely to risk driving faster than the speed limit to get to your destination more quickly? Or is the risk of getting a speeding ticket is too high, and you would rather drive at or below the speed limit and reach your destination at a more leisurely pace? Either way, there is a speed limit number that matches your driving preference, just like there is a risk number that matches your investment preference.

Our complimentary questionnaire is quick and easy, and displays your number right away. Next, we can take a deeper dive and compare the current risk of your portfolio to your personalized risk number and build a financial plan that reflects your goal.

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