Did you know?

A bachelor’s degree can help you earn more than twice what your high school degree can.

Set your goals

When you’re not in control of your money, your life choices get limited and it’s harder to follow your dreams. But, when you’re in charge and create a plan, you have the power to make it work for you.

Achieving your biggest dreams is what financial skills and goal setting allow you to do. Think about what you want most in life – keeping the big picture in mind gives you direction to work toward each goal. Understand the difference between what you need and what you want (self-control takes discipline from people of all ages). With these intentions leading the way, you’ll be able to reflect back in 30, 50, 70 years and feel good about what you’ve accomplished and experienced. Avoid the noise, make a plan and stick to it – it’s all up to you.

What are you working for?

Writing goals down has been proven to increase the likelihood they will be achieved. This resource has been created to provide you with a fun and motivating tool that will help you get excited about your goals and the steps necessary to achieve them.

Download the worksheet below to fill out and plan for your own goals.

S Specific The “who, where, when, why and how.” What exactly do I want to happen?
Example 1 I will buy a smartphone next summer by saving $XX each week for X weeks.
Example 2 I will buy a car by saving $XXX a month for X years.

M Measurable I will know I reached my goal when …
Example 1 As I add my money up each week, it will keep me motivated to get closer to my goal until I have the total amount saved to purchase my phone before school starts in the fall.
Example 2 By setting aside specific savings every month, I will have enough money to buy a car without a loan while I’m still in high school.

A Attainable With hard work, is it possible to reach this goal by the deadline? How?
Example 1 I will help family/ friends/ neighbors (dog walking, babysitting, home projects, etc.), find a part-time job, and/or create an innovative way (sell unused items, mow yards, make and sell something) to earn $XX each week that can be used to save for my phone.
Example 2 I will work part time, increase how much or how often I work, or find ways to earn $XXX each month to save for my car.

R Relevant Why is this important to you? What is inspiring you to set this goal? My goal is important enough for me to put a specific plan into action.
Example 1 Saving and purchasing a smartphone will help me be more connected to the people and experiences that I love and enjoy.
Example 2 After I get my driver’s license, I want to be able to have the freedom to live my life with a car of my own.

T Time-bound I will reach my goal by …
Example 1 I will have $XXX saved and will purchase my new smartphone in X months.
Example 2 I will have $XXXX saved and will purchase my car without a loan in X years.