A true team of wealth management specialists.

The Lokar Rajewski Team Photo

We've been working together for more than 25 years, a long-term collaboration that allows our clients to potentially benefit from our shared knowledge and expertise. We have each earned the credential of wealth management specialist and are experienced in developing sophisticated financial strategies and plans for our clients.

When working with our clients, we make it a point not to talk in overly technical terms. Among our key objectives is ensuring that our clients fully understand and feel confident about the financial plan we have created – and how it is distinctly designed to help achieve their goals.

We strongly believe that when a strategy and plan are correctly developed in accordance with a client's long-term goals, he or she can focus on the big picture instead of fixating on the fluctuations of the market.

We help our clients avoid feeling powerless over a market they can't control by giving them action items they can control, such as decreasing their expenses, adding to their savings or adjusting their targeted retirement date.

This investment philosophy has helped us build a strong trust among our clients, many of whom are retired and working automotive executives and engineers. The professional diligence and personal service that our entire team demonstrates have helped build many long-term client-advisor relationships – as well as friendships.

We are truly committed to the long term, not only in our approach to investing, but in the relationships we build with our clients – people we consider our friends and neighbors here in the towns that dot the perimeter of Detroit.

We purposely downplay the daily ruminations of the market and the media – instead choosing to focus on the events relevant to your life, then tailoring and adjusting your overall financial plan accordingly.

In our view, when you understand your long-term plan and how it is working toward your goals, it allows you to better enjoy your life over the years – during the course of your career and throughout retirement.