• Tracey Atkinson

    Client Services Manager

Tracey’s financial experience spans several years and a number of countries. 

She began her financial services career in London, starting out in the foreign exchange dealing room, then working in derivatives and managing a team for financial futures settlements.

Following her heart, she moved to the north of England and into retail banking. She and her husband then crossed over to the United States, where Tracey worked in tourism finance and marketing.

Her next move was to the Netherlands, where she worked as a portfolio management assistant in international private banking and asset management, handling the affairs of high-net-worth clients in countries from South Africa to Australia. Tracey then returned to the United States and started a family, balancing working motherhood in retail banking and investment analyst roles.

Tracey is the proud mother of two boys and serves as a client service manager with Mill Ridge Wealth Management, where she is responsible for providing quality service regarding all client-related affairs.